Bienvenue à la Clinique Honoré Cave

Our facility is one of the few clinics in France dedicated exclusively to cephalic medicine, with three specialities: Ophthalmology, Ear Nose Throat – ENT and Dentistry.

This feature allows us to ensure the highest level of technology in all these specialities.

Our facility is approved and holds conventions with French Social Security and most mutual funds. The Clinique Honoré Cave is classified in Category A for its services.

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Clinique spécialisée Oto-Rhino-Laryngologie (O.R.L.) Stomatologie et Ophtalmologie

Clinique Honoré Cave


We are a highly qualified ENT and ophthalmology facility.

Our “quality” approach is our commitment to ensure the highest level of technology in care as well as respect for the strictest hygiene rules.

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Ophthalmology Department


The Ophthalmology Department of the Clinique Honoré Cave is one of the largest in the greater South West region of France, with a full and ultra-modern technical platform.

Operations performed each year include over 3,000 cataract operations and 500 vitreoretinal operations. 3 surgical units dedicated exclusively to ophthalmology enable all ophthalmological operations to be conducted in complete safety.

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ENT spéciality


All aspects of ENT are covered at the Clinique Honoré Cave, which is accredited for cancer treatment and paediatric medicine.

The complete technical platform and a team that has a history of experience in this speciality have made our establishment a centre of excellence in ENT.

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