Tinnitus is a “sound” (buzzing, whistling, crackling or other sounds) perceived in the ear or head, continuously or intermittently without actual noise reaching the ear. According to the survey conducted in 2014 as part of the World Hearing Day, 16 million French citizens in all age brackets are affected by these symptoms.
We now know that this complex disease is not solved simply by taking a drug and that only a coordinated multidisciplinary team combining different specialities can expect to provide patients with the most appropriate care.

Our clinic has now been involved in the problems of hearing and ENT for many years. At present, it makes available to patients a personalised and specially adapted Tinnitus Support Centre. This centre ranks as the second tinnitus support centre in our region after Toulouse University Hospital and is recognised for its work by the AFREPA association (Association Française des Equipes Pluridisciplinaires en Acouphènologie – French Association of Multidisciplinary Teams in the Study of Tinnitus).

Each patient and each case of tinnitus are unique. Our team is mobilised to create your individual support programme:

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• Clinical and laboratory assessments by our ENT doctors:
Dr V.Calas website, Dr N.Khalifa websiteDr L.Tremelet

• Assessments and cognitive behavioural management by our sophrologist:
Dr L. Nègre-Pagès

• Psychoacoustic measures and sound therapy by our audiologist:
E.Revol-Buisson, V. Galy