Surgeons at the Clinique Honoré Cave have been practising refractive surgery using the Excimer laser for over 20 years. They are among the pioneers of this technique in the region. Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia can all be treated. An accurate preoperative assessment will be carried out in order to determine, with you, the best technique for your case.

Fees for refractive surgery (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia) using Excimer laser, per eye:

  • Surface laser or PRK: €650
  • LASIK: €750
  • Presbyopia: €900

These fees are some of the best in France (in hospitals or clinics) since no charges are due to financial groups or any establishment. Increasingly, mutual funds will cover all or part of the costs for these operations.

Consult your mutual fund. The code for this item is BDFP 001.

A surgical unit specially dedicated to refractive surgery is made available to practitioners. The strictest hygiene and safety measures are applied.

The latest Excimer Technolas Laser 217 Z 100 ACE

This latest model laser is used for refractive surgery: myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia.
This model is the most recent development in Technolas lasers. Technolas is the world leader in refractive surgery.

The laser features a 4 dimensional Eye Tracker and numerous innovations, including the treatment of presbyopia.

Thanks to this laser, the Clinique Honoré Cave is one of the first establishments in France that can conduct bilateral SUPRACOR treatment for presbyopia the same day.

For any further information, please arrange an appointment with one of our specialists. When you call, please say you want information on refractive surgery. You will be directed to one of them without delay.