The healthcare team:

The nurses and healthcare assistants of the Clinique Honoré Cave are highly qualified in ENT and ophthalmology. They are at your disposal to make your stay as pleasant as possible while ensuring your safety and top level care. Their considerable seniority within the establishment makes them trustworthy professionals who know the surgeons and provide an information flow that is rapid and efficient. Without any doubt, they are a pillar of the reputation of the clinic.

Nurses wear white uniforms. Healthcare assistants wear green uniforms.

Hospital service staff:

They provide maintenance and hygiene for your room. They are essential to your comfort and environmental safety. Here too, long service within the establishment is a guarantee of quality and trust. They wear blue uniforms.

Hospital porters:

This is the attentive face you see above you when being transported between your room and the unit. They transport you rapidly and comfortably on your stretcher. A lift is reserved for their exclusive use. This guarantees you confidentiality and delay-free transport.

The administrative staff:

They will assist you in your dealings with the social security and mutual funds. Their offices are located at the entrance of the clinic. This is often the first contact you have with the clinic for an operation. They are fully conversant with the different administrative machinery and are a great help.

The maintenance staff:

They are present 6 days a week for the maintenance of the numerous mechanical and other systems that make up the clinic. You probably will not see them, but they work hard every day for the smooth running of the establishment.

The kitchens:

A team under the direction of Jean Pierre prepares your meals using fresh local produce. The kitchens are located in the facility and operate under strict hygiene standards. No vacuum-packed meals or other processed food is served. Here, the importance of having a meal that you can enjoy has always been one of our priorities.