This department has individual rooms and rooms with two beds.

Each room has a bathroom with a shower, washbasin and toilet.

We have numerous rooms equipped to receive people with reduced mobility.


Required formalities

During your pre-admission or on the day of your hospitalisation, you will be asked to produce the following documents:

  • Your social security card or the corresponding attestation
  • Your mutual fund card or certificate of financing
  • Your identity document
  • Your GP referral
  • A security deposit in the form of a cheque for €150 (except for outpatient admissions), which will be returned to you when you leave.

IF YOU ARE ADMITTED AS AN EMERGENCY: the person accompanying you or your family will be required to complete these formalities on your behalf as soon as possible.


The operation you are going to have requires rigorous bodily hygiene. As part of our campaign against hospital-acquired infections, you will be asked to take two pre-operative showers (including shampoo) with a specific product (remember to bring a dressing-gown, a bath towel, a hair dryer etc.).

Before the operation, you will be asked to remove your removable dentures, hearing aids, make-up and nail varnish. We recommend you bring a box for your dentures and hearing aids.

Although the operative programme is established in advance, there may be delays on account of emergencies. We cannot therefore give you an exact time for your operation.



  • • Individual room: if you want an individual room, please state this during your pre-admission or admission. We shall satisfy your request subject to availability. If your mutual fund or supplementary insurance policy does not cover this service, you will be required to pay for it when you leave. For medical reasons (obligatory isolation for certain patients), an individual room that you have reserved during pre-admission may become unavailable. Of course, we shall do everything we can to avoid this occurring, but such situations depend on unpredictable health contingencies.
  • • Telephone: a direct telephone line may be made available to you in your room if you ask for it at reception. You will be given a code to obtain an outside line.
  • • Television: All the rooms are equipped with the latest flat screen television with access to the usual channels and those of TNT. Requests for rental should be addressed to the reception desk of the clinic which will provide the connection.



Visits are allowed from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m.

In the interest of all, total silence is recommended in the corridors.

We would remind you that parents bear complete responsibility for any underage children accompanying them during visits in the clinic.

A waiting room or lounge is available to visitors and is situated on the 1st floor (hospitalisation department).

Visitors are asked to leave the patient’s room during healthcare procedures and biocleaning.

For reasons of security, never bring valuables with you. If you do so, they will always be your own responsibility.


Restaurant service:

Accompanying relatives may order meals before 10 a.m. and before 4 p.m. from the hotel service, which will issue a corresponding voucher to be signed for the extra charge. These meals are to be taken in the patient’s room.

Other possibilities exist for meals in the immediate vicinity of the clinic.

Fixed price for accompanying relative’s bed and breakfast:

In individual rooms, your accompanying relative can spend the night in your room. He/she must order this fixed price service from the secretary at reception. He/she will be served breakfast with you in the morning.


Your departure will be decided by the doctor and will take place before 10 a.m.

You will be given a departure prescription with a post-operative appointment if necessary.

Before you leave

You must complete the following administrative formalities at the admissions office:

  • Complete your administrative file if necessary.
  • Pay the daily fee if it is not covered by your mutual fund or your supplementary health insurance.
  • Pay any supplements that are due. You will be given a paid invoice addressed to you.
  • Receive a status report specifying the duration of your hospitalisation. It is for your employer and your health insurance fund.
  • Consider handing in the satisfaction questionnaire you received when you entered the clinic. It will allow us to improve your care and the quality of care within our facility.


Warning: If you are a minor patient, your departure will be possible only if accompanied by a parent or guardian.


If your departure from the clinic has been prescribed and authorised by ambulance or patient transport car, the clinic will contact the approved company of your choice for you.