Some operations require only a few hours of hospitalisation.

Patients are admitted within this specialised department.

The Regional Health Body (Agence Régionale de Santé – ARS) has asked healthcare establishments to increase considerably the proportion of patients admitted as outpatients. For this reason, if your state of health and the scheduled operation allow it, you will be preferentially directed towards this form of hospitalisation.

First of all, a consultation with a specialist doctor.

You have been advised to have an operation (or an examination under anaesthesia).

This operation can be performed during a stay of only a few hours in our outpatients’ department.

A few days beforehand.

As in traditional hospitalisation, a consultation with an anaesthetist is obligatory several days before any scheduled operation. The anaesthetist will decide with you which type of anaesthesia is best suited for your operation. He will also approve an outpatient operation. Do not forget that you must fast (from solid food and liquids) from midnight the night before your admission.

The day of your operation.

You go straight up to the 2nd floor without stopping at the general reception desk on the ground floor. Turn right on leaving the lift and you will find the secretariat of the outpatient department where you will fill in your file.

If necessary, you will be asked to remove your dentures and/or hearing aid, your contact lenses etc.

During your post-operative monitoring, the anaesthetist will specify to the healthcare team

  • from what time you can be given a meal
  • from what time you will be permitted to leave.

The nurse will come and tell you to get ready to leave. You do not need to go and see her; she will come at the time specified by the anaesthetist and the surgeon. She will give you a paper stating that you are allowed to leave. You will give this authorisation to the general secretariat on the ground floor before leaving the establishment.

Please do not hesitate to tell us if you feel ill in any way (nausea, pain etc.) so that we can relieve you in the best way possible.

If your state of health requires it, a longer stay in hospital may be planned after your operation. If you wish to leave without authorisation or at your own request, you will have to sign a document releasing the establishment and the doctors from any liability.

When you awake, you will feel well, ready to go home at once. Actually, you will just have undergone anaesthesia, however short or light it may have been.

For your own safety and that of third parties, and for your own comfort, it is indispensable to respect certain medical and legal rules that we are obliged to impose on you:

  • You must have someone to accompany you back home.
  • Resting, meals and medication will be specified to you before you leave. Do not wait until you feel unwell before taking your medicine.

At the slightest problem (if you feel a persistent pain which is not calmed by the medicine you have been given, or if you observe the appearance of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, bleeding etc.) you must call the clinic at once.