If they pay a supplement of €10, they can have a bed in individual rooms and have their meals with the hospitalised patient.


Automatic dispensers are situated in the reception hall and on the 1st floor.


Newspapers and magazines are available in the main reception hall.


You can have an individual room for a daily supplement if available.

You must ask for an individual room during your pre-admission and make the request to your mutual fund to see if they will cover the extra costs. Nevertheless, in view of the busy nature of the facility, it may be that with the departures and emergencies it will not be possible to give you the individual room you have asked for when you arrive. If this should occur, we apologise. We will satisfy your request as soon as possible.


Your room is air conditioned. Please keep the windows shut to allow the system to function correctly. The staff will adjust the temperature to suit you.


You can give stamped letters to the staff or leave them at the reception desk. The post is collected at 10 a.m.


If you wish for the assistance of a representative of your religion during your stay, please mention this on your ward. We will do our best to satisfy your request.


The admissions office staff and the healthcare personnel have a list of interpreters who can help patients.


You must bring your own clothes, a dressing gown if you have to move around the clinic, your toiletry items (soap, towels etc.) and a hairdryer.


Information about the health of minors and adults under guardianship and the care they should receive is delivered to their legal representatives. However, health professionals must inform interested parties appropriately and involve them as far as possible in making decisions concerning them.


The car park is made available free of charge to patients and visitors. However, the choice location of the Clinique Honoré Cave in the city centre means that the number of parking places available is reduced. We would ask you to be sure to respect the places reserved for ambulances and handicapped persons. The car park of the Clinique is not attended. You are recommended not to leave any valuables in your car. The Clinique disclaims all liability in case of theft.


Doctors and all other members of staff wear badges with their name and function. Care is provided by nurses who are responsible for monitoring your state of health twenty-four hours a day. Nurses wear white uniforms. Healthcare assistants respond to patient’s needs by their presence twenty-four hours a day and by the healthcare procedures in which they participate under the surveillance of the nurses. Healthcare assistants wear green uniforms. Hospital service agents provide maintenance and hygiene for your room. They wear blue uniforms.


Meals are served in the rooms and take into account any dietary prescriptions necessary on account of your state of health. They also take your religious obligations into account, at your request. Meals are prepared locally by our cook, using fresh products.


The Clinique wishes to be informed of the level of satisfaction of its patients, especially by analysis of the questionnaire supplied with this booklet and also with the help of specific surveys to which you may be invited to reply. A letter-box in the hospitalisation department (next to the infirmary) is at your disposal for any suggestions you would like to make to us. We wish to thank you for these in advance.


All legal provisions concerning fire safety are respected. Instructions for evacuation of the premises are displayed in public places. In any situation it is important to stay calm and follow the directions given by the staff, who are trained for this type of incident.


Each bed has a telephone with a direct access number that is given you on admission. This number is personal. You can give it to your family and friends so that they can reach you directly.

If you are in a room with two beds, we recommend you avoid using the telephone after 8 p.m. The use of mobile telephones, which may interfere with our 24 hour surveillance medical equipment, is strictly forbidden on the premises.


All rooms are equipped with the latest flat screen television with access to the standard channels and those of TNT. Requests for rental should be addressed to the reception desk of the clinic which will provide the connection.
You should make this request at the time of your admission .


During your hospitalisation, we would advise you not to bring valuables with you: jewellery, cheque books, credit cards, cash etc. You are recommended to deposit valuables and any cash you possess with the Secretariat. You can recover them when you leave or during your stay. The Clinique disclaims any liability in case of loss or theft of objects or cash that have not been entrusted to it.


Unless otherwise stated by your doctor, visits are allowed from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. For the peace and quiet of all, please avoid visits in groups, long or noisy visits and the presence of young children. You should observe silence in the corridors and not smoke. Visitors will be asked to leave the room for medical visits, nursing care and cleaning.